Thursday 24 March 2011

Zoya Intimates Collection Swatches and Review

The Zoya Intimates Collection is by far one of my favourite Spring Collections of Polishes this year. A gorgeous selection of dusky cremes, pastels and shimmers, the formula on this polish is absolutely flawless, perfect consistency and all reach full opacity at 2 coats! Without Further ado here are the pretties :D

 Zoya Caitlin
Zoya Caitlin is a gorgeous dusky mauve shade with grey/blue undertones. The polish has a lovely high gloss creme finish, this is a great shade that's "safe" for people who usually avoid more OTT purple polishes, and a more exciting shade than your average "safe colour" polish, absolutely love it!

Zoya Dove
Zoya Dove is a pale grey creme shade. Really getting into grey polishes at the moment, so I do indeed love this polish. It reminds me a little of China Glaze Pelican Grey without the shimmer:
China Glaze Pelican Grey

Zoya Gemma
Zoya Gemma was my instant favourite from this collection, it was the first one I purchased especially for a St. Patrick's Day Mani you can see here:

Gemma is a gorgeous murky green shade topped with a mesmerizing opalescent effect. This pearl effect is actually quite subtle, but stunning none the less, hands down my favourite polish of the year so far, I absolutely adore this colour!

Zoya Dannii 
Zoya Dannii is a purple polish with pink undertones, packed with silver and pinky purple micro shimmer. it's the first of the two Shimmer polishes from the Intimates Collection. This colour is a little reminiscent of one of Claire's Mood Changing Polishes Calm/Wild, although Dannii is a good deal more packed with shimmer!

Claire's Mood Colour Changing Polish Calm/Wild

 Zoya Jules 
Jules is the second shimmer from the Intimates Collection. Jules is an absolutely stunning deep champagne polish and looks absolutely incredible once applied. The shimmer in this polish gives it an awesome depth. I wasn't expecting to love this one as much as I do, kind of reminds me of how I felt when I tried out China Glaze Knotty for the first time, and expected it to be a boring nude, far from it!


Jules is even more shimmery and the shimmer makes it look a little different from every angle, a seriously gorgeous colour!

Zoya Marley
Marley is a very light pastel purple with a hint of pearl shimmer in its finish, feels like something a fairy would wear, very light and delicate, perfect for spring!

All in all another stunning selection of polishes from Zoya, absolutely loving these, which ones are you favourites??


  1. Caitlin in gorgeous! So want it! Haha and Dove is actually on its way to me, can't wait! Great swatches and thanks for them! :D

  2. glad you enjoyed them :D Dove is an awesome grey :D I think Gemma is the standout Favourite for me :D