Tuesday 5 August 2014

Hearts French Manicure - With Born Pretty Stamping Plate review

I'm really keen on patterned French Manicures, so I couldn't wait to try out some of the fun designs on Born Pretty's French Stamping plate, which was recently sent for review. The plate has 8 different designs, 4 of the designs are very similar to those on Konad Plate M56, which coincidently is the plate I used for the manicure in my last post. 

As I was still wearing my Red Carpet Gel manicure (2 weeks!!!) in Glitz and Glamorous a gorgeous crimson red shade, I thought the heart design would work well. 

What I used
Konad Stamper, Scraper and Special Polish in White
Base Polish - Red Carpet Manicure 132 Glitz and Glamorous 

The stamping plate comes packaged as above, with a clear blue film you must remove before using

Being an avid Konad Fanatic I was very keen to try Born Pretty's Stamping plates. I can report Born Pretty's Plate worked just as well as my Konad plates, the only difference;  I found the images on Born Pretty's Stamping plate ever so slightly smaller than the corresponding designs on my Konad Plates, however they fit across my nails perfectly with no problems :D

Here's a few photographs of some of the other designs on the F10 Plate:

The To see more great Nail Art sets from Born Pretty click here, for an extra 10% off use coupon code CEB10 :)


  1. I love the flower pattern, but it's longer than your nails. The base color is very great.

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