Sunday 27 March 2011

Spotlight on: Zoya

Where: USA
Started: 1986 by Zoya and Michael Reyzis
Now: 2008: Zoya in Women’s Health magazine as a Beauty All-Star for “Longest Wearing Polish”
Known For: Adina (awesome duochrome polish), Great Metallic/foil finish polishes
Polish Info
Chemicals: Vegan-friendly and completely free of formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, and camphor
Brush: Thin brush
Zoya Mini Brush                                          Zoya Standard Brush 
One great thing about the Zoya Mini Brush, is the fact that the brush part is exactly the same size as the standard, so there are no problems applying these.
Bottle Size: Standard 15ml and Mini 7.5ml(thats a lot larger than your average mini)
Coverage: Usually opaque in 2/3 coats though some polishes are sheerer 
Average Wear Time: 3 days
Price: $5.99-$8
Where to buy: International: http://www.zoya.com,  
My Favourites:

Adina                                                                 Edyta
Happi                                                                   Robyn

To view a complete listing of Zoya Swatches on this blog please visit

My Favourite Collections:
Other Products: 
Zoya Colour Spoons - gives u the chance to try before you buy by purchasing a colour swatch of the polish your interested in for $0.50
Zoya Colour Lock System - a set of base/top coat products that are supposed to extend the polishes wear time, I've not had a go with this system yet
Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover - a very popular nail polish remover

Zoya is an excellent brand of nail polish, I had initially been put off by reports that these polishes didn't respond too well to Seche Vite; my favourite top coat, but thankfully I've not had any problems using these two products together at all, it might be down to biochemistry. Zoya has an expansive range of unusual colours, they seriously steer away from more boring "safe" colours and are especially excellent at creating gorgeous foils, metallics, a few glitters and duochrome effect polishes, their application is generally perfect, a few polishes steer towards the thicker side, but on the whole they have an awesome line of polishes, usually releasing their collections with 6 particular polishes, there are several new ranges available throughout the year. They regularly feature awesome promotions (though these are US only) featuring BOGO, and a while back they did an awesome polish exchange where you could send in your old polishes and get some new Zoyas. Zoya name all their polishes after beauty bloggers, which is a nice touch.
  • Awesome unique colours
  • Amazing promotions (US)
  • The chance to try before you buy
  • One of my favourite bottles
  • Hard to get a hold of in the UK
  • Promotions aren't international
  • No holos
  • Some people report problems using polish with Seche Vite (I've had none myself)
What I want to see more of:
More Duochromes, and perhaps their own line of holos

Colour Range: 8.5/10
Price: 8/10
Wear Time: 7/10
Brush: 8/10
Bottle: 10/10
Overall: 8/10 

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