Monday 7 March 2011

NOTD - China Glaze Flirty Femininity

Today's NOTD - China Glaze Flirty Femininity, was very hard to capture on photograph, perhaps due to the fact that I took photos at night and needed the flash, I've played with the hue on one of the non flash pics so you can get an idea of the exact colour of the polish :D
For some reason the flash insists on picking up the pink tones in this polish and really exagerating them, this polish looks absolutely nothing like this photo lol, heres what it really looks like please ignore the blue hue in the rest of the photo:
The bottle in this pic is spot on the actual colour of this polish, and you can just about make out the slightly duotone nature of this polish with the golden flash. Flirty Femininity, as you can see better from the second photo, is a dusky pinky purple shade with a golden hue shining through, it's actually rather similar in effect to China Glaze Awakening, will have to do a comparison swatch at some point :)
this photo lies :D


  1. PRETTY PINK! Me likey x). You are one of the most talentic in picking the best polishes!

  2. awwww :):):) thanxx hon, I'm glad you like my taste in polish :D:D