Saturday 19 March 2011

KOTD - Persian New Year Nails

Tomorrow is Persian New Year :D And as I am half Persian, it's quite a special day for me and my family, I couldn't resist doing a themed manicure especially for it.

OPI Chip Skip
Bast Coat: OPI Nail Envy 1 coat
OPI Alpine Snow 2 coats
Top Coat: Seche Vite
10 mins later
Konad Special Polish in light blue, green, red, orange/red and purple shimmer
Thumb: Konad Plate M27
Index: Konad Plate M54
Middle: Konad Plate M55
Ring: Konad Plate M54
Pinkie: Konad Plate M37
Top Coat: Seche Vite 5 mins after Konading in 3 non overlapping strokes

And just in case your confused :) here is why I've used these particular images:
Traditionally for Persian New Year (Nowruz) you have to set a table with some traditional items to symbolise the new year. These is called the Haftseen, which literally means the seven "Ss", it has to contain at least 7 special items which start with the letter S (seen)

Here are the items we usually have on our Haftseen:
Sabzeh - literally some growing grass (you can see it one the right in the pic) - symbolises rebirth
Sombol - (Hyacinth or Blue bell flowers) although its traditional to have a lot of flowers around the house to symbolise the coming of spring, hence why i went with a very flowery manicure :)
Sir - Garlic (symbolising medicine) 
Serkeh - (Vinegar) symbolises old age and patience
Sekkeh - (gold coins) symbolises prosperity
Somaq - (red spice) symbolises sunrise
Senjed - (dry fruit) - symbolises love
Sib - (apple) symbolises beauty and health

Other items that don't have to being with S:
Lit Candles - (one for each family member) symbolises enlightenment and happiness
Gold Fish - Symbolising Life
A Mirror - Symbolising Enlightenment and Happiness
Decorated Eggs - Symbolising Fertility

The items in bold are the ones I used for this manicure :D

There's also lots of Persian Sweets all over the house and We traditionally eat a special rice with greens and fish (not the goldfish ;) ). And the oldest member of the family hands out money to everyone. All in all its a lovely traditional day, so I felt the need to do a manicure appropriate for the event :D

And Just In case, here is how OPI Alpine Snow looks on its own :)


  1. i loved this post! really informative and your mani rocks!

    Love it!


  2. aww thanx hon :D I'm glad you enjoyed it :D