Saturday 19 March 2011

Orly Cosmic FX Swatches Part 2

Here is part 2 of the Orly Cosmic FX Collection, which contains two of my favourite duochrome polishes of all time: Galaxy Girl and Space Cadet, as a result there is a multitude of photos to demonstrate their duochrome awesomeness :D
L-R Galaxy Girl, Space Cadet and Out of this World

Galaxy Girl 
Galaxy Girl is a dark brown/maroon foil polish packed with duochrome flashes in purple and turquoise, and possibly one of my all time favourite polishes ever created. The effect on this polish is simply stunning, and depending on what lighting you are around, you will always notice a different shade in this awesome shade. At some angles this one really makes me think of a beetle shell. Here come the pics :D

Also worth knowing that Mac Venomous Villains Formidable is almost an exact dupe of Galaxy Girl. 

Space Cadet
Space Cadet, another all time polish favourite, is one of the most duochrome polishes I have ever witnessed. The flash photo above just picks up the pinky grey foil shade, but the non flash photos that follow demostrate just how many awesome colours this polish reflects: golds/greens/orange pink/ brown, this one has to be seen to be believed :D you'll definitely need 3 coats to get the maximum effect, but application is wonderful so its more than worth it for this awesome effect polish

phew, I could literally stare at this polish all day, this polish also has a dupe out there, Mac's Venomous Villains Mean And Green is near identical :)

Out Of This World
At A first glance at the flash picture, Out Of This World looks like a standard dark purple Foil Polish, but on closer inspection you will see that this polish too has an awesome duochrome effect, though subtler than the first two. Out Of This World has very dark purple and a hint of gold in its duochrome flash, you'll probably have to click on the last few pics to really see this effect.

That was a lot oh photos :), but I really felt this collection deserved a bit more attention that skittles, it is simply stunning, and although the only set of Orly Polishes I own, by far one of my favourite collections every released. They all apply easily and build to opacity by 3 coats. I'm also in love with Orly's rubberized bottle top, really enjoy applying these polishes. I hope they bring out another great collection of duochrome polishes soon!


  1. i totally want Space Cadet now lol!


  2. Wow I love Space Cadet! Really want it now :( lovely photos thank you! xx

  3. I've been trying to find those in Finland, but no! :'D I love all of them, especially Space cadet, but I guess I can't find them anymore in here. :(
    But great photos, even I can't have them I love to look at them! ^^

  4. So gorgeous! Love all of the shades. :)

  5. thanx peeps :) I'm glad you enjoyed the pics, and Space Cadet is pretty special, I wish there were more polishes out there like this!!

  6. Galaxy Girl and Space Cadet are just awesome - but not too easy for cameras! So annoying to try to get pictures where they look exactly right! I'm so glad I own both of them :3

  7. yeah i had a nightmare photographing these :D hehe

  8. I have just bought Space Cadet at MBeauty Lounge. They deliver worldwide, and I am from Brazil. Diava, your pics are truly great. You are a heroine for the tough task.
    I am really eager to see Space Cadet on my nails.

  9. Yayy Space Cadet is an awesome colour indeed :D I'm sure your going to love it!! And thanks so much :D I'm really glad you enjoyed the pics, duochromes are a nightmare to capture on camera but I tried my best :)