Wednesday 30 March 2011

NOTD - China Glaze Carnival Lights Swatches

Today's NOTD is China Glaze Carnival Lights, which featured in a large collection of China Glaze Glitters, the first thing I thought when I saw the bottle of this polish, was its a Teenage Dream Dupe (from OPI Katy Perry range). I will be doing a direct comparison post soon to see how true that is :). Anyway here is Carnival Lights (I absolutely love this name) in all its glory, indoors and outdoors pics (the sun has finally decided to show its head a bit the last few weeks in ole London)
indoors flash
Carnival Lights is a medium pink sheer jelly polish packed with large holographic glitter particles and some smaller silver/pink glitter, this was 3 coats of polish and there is still a hint of VNL, I get the feeling this one would work exceptionally well as a layering polish, so I will have to try that out soon and post some swatches :D The rest of the photos are taken outdoors with no flash and show the truer colour of Carnival Lights:

All in all a gorgeous polish, kind of made me sad initially, because I thought Teenage Dream was completely unique until I found this polish, but we shall see whether they are dupes in the next post with some handy skittle swatches :)


  1. I also thought about teenage dream straight after I saw the picture... But Teenage dream is still a bit different, though. But I do love this polish, no doubt about it :D

  2. very sweet color! I liking!

  3. it is a great polish, I think Teenage Dream wins for me though, as its a little less sheer :)