Friday 11 February 2011

Zoya Reverie Collection Swatches and Review

When I saw the awesome Reverie Collection By Zoya, packed with duochrome goodness, I decided it was finally time to cave in and give the brand a try. The main reason I'd been a little wary of trying Zoya out was all I'd read about Zoya polishes not responding well to Seche Vite Top Coat (my favourite top coat in the world). I'm not sure if this depends on the individual nails, but I can definitely put this myth to rest for my nails, I've tried several of these polishes with Seche Vite top coat and had no problems what so ever even after 4 days of wear. 
Anyway here is the gorgeous Reverie Collection, Zoya describes their finish as having an "oil slick" look, so they do differ a little in effect to a standard duochrome, first up some bottles pics, first with flash to really show the duochrome effect and second without:
L-R Laney, Happi, Reece, Gwin, Lana, Adina

 L-R Laney, Happi, Reece, Gwin, Lana, Adina

Zoya Flame - Laney
Laney is an unusal colour, it doesn't look overally remarkable in the bottle, but when applied to the nails the colour really takes on a new life, there are hints of greenish/gold flashes making this polish a far more special silver, application is absolutely wonderful, I love Zoya's formula it is the perfect consistency, and this can be said of all the polishes in this collection. This was opaque in 2 coats

no flash
 Zoya Flame - Happi

Happi is a stunning light pink shade which flashes light gold (see bottle pic or last pic for truest colour representation, for some reason the flash pics made this one look a lot darker in colour)
truest colour

Zoya Flame - Reece 
Reece is quite similar to Happi in its duochrome effect, however it is a darker shade of pink this was 2 coats.

 Zoya Flame - Gwin
Gwin is a bright tangerine orange with hints of golden duochrome, it's not as duochrome as Happi and Reece but still a gorgeous shade, I'm not normally big on orange polishes but I really like this shade!

 Zoya Flame - Lana
Lana is a slightly redder version of Gwin, possibly slightly more red than in the photos, the camera seems to capture the orange tones more, there is a very slight duochrome effect to this polish.

Zoya Flame - Adina
Saved the best for last :D Adina is definitely my absolute favourite from this collection, perhaps because it is the most duochrome of the lot, and I really see why Zoya call it an "oil slick" look, its simply gorgeous, a lavender mauve shade with gold and green duochrome, I did my best to capture this with the photos but in all honesty it has to be seen in real life to really be appreciated :D

I'm definitely a Zoya convert! Looking forward to swatching more of their shades :D


  1. You'r a lucky girl all of them are gorgeus colours but my favourite is the second picture pink and the last picture purple

  2. Gwin and Laney are my favourites*w* You're so lucky to own them! All the colours are so pretty, I like your taste :)