Wednesday 16 February 2011

China Glaze Anchors Away Swatches and Review Part 1 Sand and Sea

L-R White Cap, Pelican Gray, Sea Spray, Below Deck, Sunset Sail and Knotty

White Cap
White cap was one of the colours I was most excited about from the Anchors Away Collection, it is definitely better suited as a layering polish, but looks quite lovely on its own too (if you can deal with the VNL of course). White Cap is a shimmery translucent white shade with gorgeous frosty/shimmer gold particles, this one seriously sparkles, and I think it would look awesome layered over some of the cremes from this collection (will have to try that out) this was 3 coats, I'm pretty sure it would take about 5 to make this one opaque.

Pelican Gray
From a distance Pelican Gray looks like a grey creme shade, but on a close inspection (clicky) you can see it has a lovely shimmery effect, which is great if you don't feel too thrilled about a standard creme finish, I'm really starting to love grey polishes, hoping to do a post about my favourite greys soon actually. This was opaque in 2 coats and applied very evenly.

 Sea Spray
I really love Sea Spray, it's a lovely blue/grey shade and similar to Pelican Gray this one has a bit of shimmer on closer inspection, I have to say I absolutely love this effect. This was opaque in 2 coats and also applied very evenly.

Below Deck
Below Deck is a creme all the way, it's a lovely dusky mauve colour and I have a feeling White Cap would look amazing layered on top of this. This was 2 coats.

Sunset Sail
Sunset Sail is another one that looks like a creme from a distance and shimmery up close, I'm not sure I'd call this one a nude shade, as its a lot more exciting and vibrant than a usual nude, but it certainly has that effect, I love that fact that it was opaque at 2 coats and I think this one would look stunning with a tan for summer! :D

I must confess I wasn't too excited about Knotty from the promo pics, but once I'd applied it, it was love at first swatch hehe :) this one is a gorgeous shimmery nude and it really does sparkle, it's actually really nice to see a nail polish company making nude colours more exciting and different, this was 3 coats, as you can see its not quite as opaque as the others bar White Cap, but it applies nicely so 3 coats wasn't a problem.

Application wise these polishes applied very evenly and non were streaky, White Cap and Knotty were slightly more challenging to apply than the others, but that could be my impatience letting the coats dry properly :), all in all a wonderful spring collection of colours, and I absolutely love the theme, working my way through the other 6 polishes from this collection so will have a review up of those soon :D


  1. Thanks for sharing! White Cap is amazingly gorgeous, and I am not usually attracted to those types of shades but WOW!

  2. Great swacthes, I have some on my whislist :)

  3. Sea spray, White cap and Knotty, that's my fave ones in order :'D I wasn't sure if Sea spray or White cap would be my fave... 'Cause Sea spray has this awesome brightness (I don't mean neon or stuff, I mean it looks fresh!) but White cap is amazing layering polish with its shimmer.... Well, doesn't matter, I don't own them xD

  4. yeah white cap is a definite winner in my eyes :) but I'm hard pressed to really pick a favourite, I just love this collection :D