Monday 9 June 2014

Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover - The best Nail Polish Remover of all time? And it's Acetone Free

Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover boasts "1 second per nail without cotton wool". It also states the product is acetone and paraben free. Currently £4.99 at boots, its also included in their 3 for 2 offer so you can get 3 bottles for under £10.

Lets face it all of this sounds too good to be true, I've tried various brands' "acetone free" formulas and have always come to the conclusion that it takes double if not triple the time to remove nail polish, so Ive tended to always go back to acetone based nail polish removers. So I was extremely sceptical about this product, however as I'm always keen to give new things a go I picked up a bottle about 3 months ago in Boots.

firstly a word of caution, though this may seem pretty obvious, make sure you are holding the bottle completely upright before you open the lid. The slightest tilt when opening the lid will result in liquid pouring out the sides and precious remover wastage!

Stick your finger in the small hole and begin twisting, I found doing 2/3 twists then switching direction to be most effective.

Remove finger and...

The Result?
Well firstly it has to be the best nail polish removed I have ever used, yes ever! The 1 second per nail is a mild exaggeration as it does take a little bit of twisting but in all honestly, less than 10 seconds and your nail is completely polish free, I was literally gapping when I took my finger out the jar to reveal a completely free of polish nail. Less than a minute and a full hand is nail polish free, no acetone soaked cotton to dispose of, no mess and most wonderful of all no horrid acetone scent. On the jar the scent is described as Red fruit and vanilla fragrance, coupled with nourishing sweet almond oil, these leaves your hands feeling soft and not reeking of acetone.

I've used the remover for all types of polish, light colours, dark colours, metallic thick polishes, glitters, and it works brilliantly will all types, and is so much quicker than the standard cotton soaked with remover method.

I was initially sceptical about how long the product would last, but I'm in my third month and it's still going strong. It truly is magic!!!

Quickest method of polish removal I've ever tried
No mess
No cotton wool required
Small and easy to store and travel with
Acetone and paraben free formula
Pleasant Scent
Feels Moisturising
Great Value for money
Long Lasting
No cotton bits stuck to your nails

Not suitable for toe nails
After a month or so little black bits of the foam do come off on your nail, but one scrub and this is all removed!


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