Saturday 7 June 2014

Neon Stars Manicure - with Born Pretty Fluorescent Star Nail Stickers and Illamasqua Scorn

These neon star shaped nail stickers were sent for review from Born Pretty Store

How to apply
  • Apply base polish of your choice, I used Illamasqua Scorn; a lovely rubbery textured black nail polish.
  • Allow polish to dry completely
  • Carefully use a hoof stick to lift the sticker
  • Carefully apply the sticker to the nail
  • Use the flat end of the hoof stick to smooth the sticker in place
  • Optional Add topcoat for a super shiny finish

Illamasqua Scorn and Neon Stars without Top Coat
Illamasqua Scorn and Neon Stars with Top Coat
These nail stickers are so easy to apply and they really stand out great over a black base polish!

They cost $1.59 and you can find them over here, if you do fancy trying them don't forget to use your 10% off discount code CEB10! 

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