Wednesday 4 May 2011

NOTD - Franken No.3 Lilac Sands

Here is my latest frankened polish, I've called this one Lilac Sands, its 60% OPI Alpine Snow, and a combination of OPI DS Sapphire, and pink and blue metallic shades from LA Colors, and a few drops of Seche Restore.

Lilac Sands

Initially I was hoping to create a holo polish, but holos don't play too well with opaque white polish, but I'd only tested a few drops of DS Sapphire to discover this, so no great loss, also the holo polish has given Lilac Sands a rather unique shimmery finish, almost like glass, which I really like! This was 2 coats, and I was very happy with the high gloss and even finish!

bottle pic

natural light
For some reason natural light makes this polish look a lot more blue, its actually more like the other photographs a pale lavender/lilac shade.