Sunday 22 May 2011

China Glaze Island Escape Week Part 5 Blue Iguana

Today in China Glaze Island Escape Week I have polish number 5 for you: Blue Iguana:

Blue Iguana is the second glass flecked polish from the Island Escape Collection. It is a medium toned blue, and actually applies a little more turquoise on the nails that you would initially think from looking at the bottle, there is a slight hint of purple shimmer at certain angles with this polish, but the effect is very subtle. Much like 108 Degrees, the glass fleck shimmer in this polish really gives it a 3D effect. Another sheer polish this was 3 coats and although there is a hint of VNL in the photos, it was less apparent in real life :) Another gorgeous blue!


  1. Love this turquoise, it's like the sea!!

  2. This is a very cute blueish turquoise color. Looks very sheer though.