About Me

My love affair with polish started at a young age, but it wasn't until December 09 when I developed a pretty nasty medical condition that left me home bound and back and forth from hospital for the best part of the year, that I became completely obsessed. It may sound strange but painting my nails seemed to cheer me up and kept me busy on days when I literally did not have the strength to do anything, it was then that I discovered konading and the obsession grew to new peaks :) so thankfully I am well again now, but the obsession with polish seems to be growing regardless :) since my job is quite physical and not too feminine, I love having some girlie time on my afternoons off and trying new designs.

My Nails are 100% natural, although I used to toy with acrylics a while back I just found that they did much more damage than they were worth, and OPIs Nail Envy has really helped me to grow my own long :D

Thanks For Reading :D