Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Hearts French Manicure - With Born Pretty Stamping Plate review

I'm really keen on patterned French Manicures, so I couldn't wait to try out some of the fun designs on Born Pretty's French Stamping plate, which was recently sent for review. The plate has 8 different designs, 4 of the designs are very similar to those on Konad Plate M56, which coincidently is the plate I used for the manicure in my last post. 

As I was still wearing my Red Carpet Gel manicure (2 weeks!!!) in Glitz and Glamorous a gorgeous crimson red shade, I thought the heart design would work well. 

What I used
Konad Stamper, Scraper and Special Polish in White
Base Polish - Red Carpet Manicure 132 Glitz and Glamorous 

The stamping plate comes packaged as above, with a clear blue film you must remove before using

Being an avid Konad Fanatic I was very keen to try Born Pretty's Stamping plates. I can report Born Pretty's Plate worked just as well as my Konad plates, the only difference;  I found the images on Born Pretty's Stamping plate ever so slightly smaller than the corresponding designs on my Konad Plates, however they fit across my nails perfectly with no problems :D

Here's a few photographs of some of the other designs on the F10 Plate:

The To see more great Nail Art sets from Born Pretty click here, for an extra 10% off use coupon code CEB10 :)

Friday, 25 July 2014

ModCloth Nail Klub and Dresses Challenge - Nail Art Manicure Inspired by Shortcake Story Dress

I was recently invited by ModCloth to take part in a rather exciting nail art challenge:

To create a stylish manicure inspired by one of ModCloth's fabulous dresses. I was sent a link to the following blog entry for inspiration.

After spending a while browsing through the gorgeous range of dresses, I immediately fell in love with the beautiful Short Cake Story Dress in Red - A gorgeous cute/chic summer dress with an equally cute name :)

The second I saw the dress I knew I had the perfect Konad Stamping plate to create a funky french manicure to mimic the the overall look of the dress.

Shortcake Story Dress and Manicure

  • I started this look using Red Carpet Manicure's gel system in 132 Glitz & Glamorous - a gorgeous lit from within shimmery crimson shade. I went with a gel base as it would be immediately dry and ready for nail art. (you can find out more about Red Carpet Manicure's Nail system over here)
  • I used the floral french manicure design from Konad Plate M56 with White Konad Special Polish
  • I created the Black line using a permanent fine nib marker pen
  • After allowing the design to dry completely I applied Seche Vite carefully in 3 strokes.

Konad Plate M56 - floral design
I really enjoyed this challenge,  it was a lot of fun to create and I will definitely do more fashion inspired manicures in the future!

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Bright Neon Spots Manicure - with Born Pretty Nail Art

Another bright Nail Look for Summer, this manicure was created using Seche Porcelain, an opaque white nail polish and multi coloured circular nail art flecks which were sent for review from the Lovely people at Born Pretty Store.

  • Apply 1 coat of Base Coat (I use Seche Retain)
  • Apply 2-3 coats of white opaque nail polish (Seche Porcelain) ensuring you have an even opaque finish
  • Apply Seche Vite to the area you want to stick the nail decals
  • Using A hoof stick Carefully apply the Decals to your chosen area, or if you want a more random coverage you can dip your nail into the pot of nail decals
  • Apply 1 coat of Seche Vite and allow to dry completely

The multi coloured circular glitter flecks come in two sizes 1mm and 2mm, the picture below gives u a better idea of the sizes and colours.

The box is packed with literally thousands of these little flecks, so you can get loads of uses from them. They are also very versatile, you can apply them with a hoof stick for precise placement, or even pour them into a clear nail polish bottle to create a seriously funky nail decal polish for layering. I opted to go with a white base as it seemed more fitting for a bright summer manicure, but I'm sure these would look just as awesome over an opaque black for a bright 80s themed manicure!

These Nail Decals cost $4.36 and you can find them over here, if you do decide to try these nail decals out please don't forget to use your exclusive coupon code CEB10 for an extra 10% off To see more great Nail Art sets from Born Pretty click here