Saturday 30 July 2011

Clarins 230

I feel so lucky to finally have one of the most coveted Nail Polishes of all times in my possesion: Clarins 230. I can confidently say the Clarins 230 (often referred to as "Unicorn Pee" by avid polish lovers) is hands down my favorite polish from my collection, and I don't think I've ever been able to say that about any other polish before! Wondering how can this polish possibly be all that, well lets begin some bottle pictures:

Clarins 230

As you can see from the bottle, Clarins 230 is literally a bottled rainbow, with red/purple/green/gold hues sparkling throughout, the polish itself is extremely sheer, and works best as a layering polish, but the possibilities here are endless as it makes so many polishes look spectacular! The consistency is thin and applies perfectly! It's packed with tiny shimmer particles that flash so many different shades. This polish should really carry a hazard warning with it, because once its one, you wont be able to stop looking at your nails, whatever the lighting you will notice this polish literally transform throughout the day depending on your light source, and I swear I've never kept a polish on so long before, I could happily wear this colour every day and never tire of it! 

The first polish I layered Clarins 230 over was China Glaze Long Kiss (a red metallic polish), I'm not sure I picked the best polish to start with, as I've since tried it over other shades and its continued to dazzle me even more (but I'll save those for a later post) Prepare for photo overload! :D

Clarins 230 over China Glaze Long Kiss (Flash Pics)

Now for the exciting part! Non-flash pics, these really capture the true multi-chrome nature of this awesome polish!

Clarins 230 over China Glaze Long Kiss (Non - Flash Pics)

I wish I could capture how truly stunning this polish is on camera, but its near impossible, I've since tried again, and I think I did a little better with the next attempt, so I promise more photos soon :) I really cannot say enough good things about this polish! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! :D


  1. Dear Diavas Lacquer Box!
    Since the first time I found your blog I feel in love with it! Therefore I have nominated it for the Sunshine Award. Check out my blog post tomorrow for more info :)
    xoxo Theresa

  2. Thank you very much that is very sweet!!!! :)

  3. I know exactly how you feel! I just got a bottle and picked it up at the post office before coming to work.

    I swatched it on my index finger and can't help but smile every time I look at it.