Wednesday 6 July 2011

Essie Resort Fair Game Collection - Part 1 Lion Around

The Next set of posts will feature polishes from The Essie Resort Collection 2011, this collection is Called "Fair Game" and all the polishes seem to have Safari themed names, which is a nice touch! First up is Lion Around

Lion Around is a warm dusky peach shade with subtle frosty silver shimmer, application overall was one of the best I've ever had from an Essie polish (this is true of all the shades in this collection, by far my favourite Essie Formula yet). The shade was opaque and completely even in 2 coats (a rarity for me with Essie polishes), and not streaky at all! I really love shades like this, the colour is subtle and verging on nude, but the warm peach hues, strong opacity and gorgeous subtle shimmer make this polish stand out more than a typical nude. Love it!

This next photo really highlights the glass like glossy finish of Lion Around:

no flash shade
no flash sun


  1. Oh man, I need this polish. Gorgeous, and also excellent for work. And as always, what a pleasure to look at your nails. The most beautiful I've seen.

  2. awwww :) Thank you very much that is too sweet! :) I have to admit I was not expecting to love this shade as much as I did when I initially saw the bottle but on the nails its just gorge! And I really hope Essie sticks to this formula, its a joy to apply :D