Thursday 21 July 2011

China Glaze Sealed With A Kiss Collection Part 4 Trophy Wife and Lip-gloss

Last up from China Glaze Sealed With A Kiss set is Trophy Wife and the free matching lip-gloss.

Trophy Wife originally surfaced in autumn 2009 originally as part of China Glaze's Specialty line of 50 polishes. Trophy Wife is a pale Salmon pink polish packed with shimmer. The shimmer is gorgeous in this polish, almost looks like microglitter they way it sparkles and catches the light! This was opaque in 3 coats, awesome formula!

Here's how the polish looks alongside the "unnamed" lip gloss:

Lip-gloss Swatches

The matching lip gloss is a pale sheer pink packed with gorgeous shimmer particles which really catch the light. The gloss has a spongy applicator, which doesn't really pick up too much lip gloss, so it takes a few pumps to get enough to apply. This really reminds me of old lip-glosses, I remember the scent and applicator of the first lip-gloss my auntie gave me when I was young, and this is very reminiscent of that, which is actually really nice :) The colour is very subtle and wearable for everyday, slightly on the sticky side, but as I am avid lover of gloss that doesn't really bother me! Here are some photos of the lip-gloss on, with the nail colour as a comparison, they really do match well! :D


China Glaze Sealed With A Kiss Set


  1. Oh those are some lovely shades! Definitely something I would wear. :)

  2. Very pretty love the matching lipgloss ;)

  3. Aaaaaaaaaww I love the colour of the lip gloss! And the nail polish too! My fave from the collection! ;D

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