Tuesday 1 February 2011

NOTD - GOSH Purple Heart (duochrome)

As an avid duochrome polish lover, I went a bit nuts when I saw GOSH Purple Heart in Superdrug recently, finally got a chance to apply it, and it is absolutely indredible!! I've done my best to capture all the amazing different tones this polish has in the following photographs:

OPI Chip Skip
Base Coat: OPI Nail Envy
GOSH Purple Heart 2 coats
Top Coat: Seche Vite

GOSH Purple Heart is an absolutely stunning purple duochrome polish, which flashes many different shades of purple and green, even looks black at some angles. It applies quite thickly so is practically opaque in 1 coat, it has swiftly become one of my fave duochrome polishes, if you'd like to see a few more polishes with this kind of duochrome finish please click here

These two flash photographs really dont capture the duochrome of the polish at all, so here are some non flash pics so you can see how spectacular this colour really is :D

 OK so I went a little picutre crazy on this one, but I really wanted to capture how stunning this one really is, and if you are a duochrome lover you simply have to get your hands on GOSH Purple Heart!


  1. This colour i still do not own but now i want it :)

  2. Oh it is very pretty, I had it in mine hands a lot of times but still didn't buy it.

  3. :D when I originally picked it up in superdrug it really didn't look that duochrome at all, perhaps its the lighting in there, but when I got it home I was in love with it hehe :D apparently Zoya Ki is nearly a dupe for this.