Saturday 19 February 2011

Mac Wonder Woman Collection Swatches - Spirit Of Truth and Obey Me

When I heard that were getting in the Mac Wonder Woman Collection a few weeks earlier than any other store including Mac itself in the UK, I was beyond excited! I absolutely adore this collection, obviously the two polishes were the first thing I had my eyes on, but I did also pick up some make up bits and I just simply couldn't resist the t-shirt. Mac + Wonder Woman, a combination of two of my favourite things :D. Anyway without further ado onto the polishes, starting with bottle pics:

L-R Obey Me and Spirit Of Truth

And here is the absolutely gorgeous box packaging the polishes came in:

Obey Me
Obey Me is a perfect Wonder Woman Red Creme nail polish, as much as I'm not the biggest fan of Mac Nail Polish brushes, this one applied reasonably easily, lovely coverage and perfectly smooth and opaque in 2 coats.

Spirit Of Truth 
Spirit Of Truth is a dark blue creme polish and much like Obey Me, this one applies very nicely as well, it was pretty opaque at 1 coat too, but I always have the need to do at least 2 coats of any polish :D

I couldn't resist these polishes, I just absolutely love the packaging, I'm glad Mac made more of an effort with their polish bottles for this collection than they did with the polishes from Venomous Villains. I simply couldn't resist trying out a Wonder Woman Manicure using these polishes, so some pics of that will follow soon :D

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