Thursday 3 February 2011

NOTD - Back in Black - my fave black polishes

I felt like doing a different kind of post today, and the theme: Black Nail Polish, here are some swatches of my favourite black nail polishes from my collection (in no particular order):

Attitude Night Sky

Night Sky is a Black Polish layered with a silver metallic finish, the final effect on the nails is stunning, and really looks a lot like leather, this one is definitely a favourite, it has a lot more depth to it than a standard creme and really looks lovely on the nails. Attitude Nail Polish is extremley reasonable in price (this one cost £2.38) and this one is just as hard wearing as any OPI, they also have a lovely wide brush, not quite as wide as OPI's but I find it even easier to apply, this one reached full opacity at 2 coats 

China Glaze Black Diamond (from Ski Collection)

Black Diamond is a gorgeous charcoal black packed with shimmery particles that flash silver/green/pink if you click the pics for a close up you can see this effect a little better. This was 2 coats (though its practically opaque in 1), it applied very smoothly and has an awesome shimmery finish. Really love this one!

China Glaze Liquid Leather 

After comparing Attitude's Night Sky to leather, I feel that this gorgeous black creme/jelly from China Glaze should be called Liquid Vinyl or PVC, as its finish is a lot closer to that look than leather. Non the less Liquid Leather is pretty much my go-to black nail polish, even though I always have a nightmare applying it, the brush and consistency is fine, I just always seem to make a mess applying it, I thought this was true of all black polishes, but Attitude's Night Sky was not remotely messy to apply, so I'm a little baffled lol, perhaps its to do with the non-wide China Glaze Brush? Anyway, China Glaze's Liquid Leather is perfect if your after a standard black creme polish!

 China Glaze Liquid Leather with OPI Standing Room Only 

Here's how China Glaze's Liquid Leather looks topped with OPIs Standing Room Only, a gorgeous holographic black :D

Now for some mattes:

OPI Obscurity (from go goth minis 2010) 
you can click here if you'd like to see the rest of this collection

OPI Obscurity is a matte black polish (you can always add a top coat if you prefer it glossy) it's practically opaque at 1 coat, but I applied 2 here, it dries extremely quickly, and here it has been applied with no base or top coat. 

Illamasqua Scorn (From Throb Collection)

My First Illamasqua polish. This one is hands down my favourite black nail polish, it dries with a rubber like matte finish, although not quite as matte as OPI Obscurity, but it looks so much better on the nail! OPI's Obscurity does no favours for ridges, whereas Illamasqua's Scorn applies thickly and extremely smoothly for a matte polish. The finish is stunning and ridge free, it's opaque at 1 coat but I applied 2 in these photos (no base or top coat). Price wise Illamasqua is probably the most expensive polish I've ever bought retailing at £13.50, but the easy application and perfect finish does make up for that a bit :) plus the bottles are gorgeous!! :) I'll be posting swatches and a full review of their Throb collection soon :)

So what's your favourite black polish? any awesome ones I've missed???

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  1. I love the first one and the one you made holo <3
    I like Color Club Revvvolution but that isn't really a true black.