Wednesday 16 February 2011

NOTD - OPI Katy Perry Last Friday Night over Illamasqua Scorn

Here is more proof that OPIs Last Friday Night from the Katy Perry Collection is best suited as a layering polish, I know a lot of people were very disappointed with this particular polish on it's own, but as a layering glitter it is absolutely stunning!!! :) here it is layered over Illamasqua's Scorn, and I absolutely love the effect! Makes me think of space :)

OPI Chip Skip 
Illamasqua Scorn 2 coats
OPI Katy Perry Last Friday Night 1 coat
Top Coat: Seche Vite

I had to include this last blurry pic as it just made me think of travelling at the speed of light in space :) 
So in conclusion Last Friday Night has definitely leveled up for me now that I've tried it out more as a layering polish, here are some other swatches of it on it's own and layered from older posts :)

over china glaze frostbite
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  1. i realy wanted to have the opi one. Do you know any similar dupe?

  2. I've sadly not come across a dupe for Last Friday Night yet, but its still in stock on some online e-tailers, i know NailETC do international orders, that's where I got mine :D here's a link

  3. It's pretty, but not as pretty as the one with Frostbite, have to admit... I'm so glad you tried it back then! :D

  4. yeh I have to agree it really does look a lot more special over frostbite :D

  5. Great post, I love the look! :)

  6. Oh I really like this layered :)

  7. thnx guys :D It definitely is a great polish for layering, I'm looking forward to trying out more combinations :D