Wednesday 9 March 2011

OPI Hong Kong Collection Swatches

So this is a rather old collection from OPI, but it was one of my favourite collections, and as I wasn't blogging when I originally purchased some polishes from this collection, and since I'm not overly excited by their new Texas Collection, I thought it would be nice to revisit an older collection (still available to purchase at many e-tailers). So here are my favourite swatches from the OPI Hong Kong Collection, 5 cremes and 1 shimmer.

Jade is The New Black
Jade is The New Black was one of the most popular polishes from the Hong Kong Collection. It's a lovely green thick glossy creme polish with blue undertones, opaque at 2 coats. Jade is the New Black is probably my favourite green creme polish out there, there are a few shades which have a similar tone, but they are by no means dupes, 
China Glaze Starboard

Essie Pretty Edgy
Starboard is probably a little closer than Pretty Edgy, but if you are a fan of green cremes, these two are definitely worth a looksie as well :)

Red My Fortune Cookie
Red My Fortune Cookie is a bright Red (with orange undertones). Definitely a colour for people who prefer a bold vibrant red to a more blue based crimson one. These was opaque at 2 coats, and there's a couple of polishes I've found that are pretty similar in tone, one is Zoya Maura from Flash Collection and the new China Glaze Hey Sailor from Anchors Away Collection:

China Glaze Starboard

Dim Sum Plum
Dim Sum Plum is a dark pink/purple creme polish, like all the cremes in this collection it applies quite thickly and is fully opaque at 2 coats with a lovely glossy finish. The actual colour on this polish is a little more purple based and a shade darker than the photos have picked up, I have to admit it was one of the colours I was more surprised with once I applied, it really is a unique shade and it really stands out on the nails. 

Suzi Say Feng Shui
Suzi Says Feng Shui was an instant favourite from the Hong Kong Collection. A light dusky sky blue creme polish that like its creme counterparts was also opaque at 2 coats with a very glossy finish. The camera makes the blue look a little more vibrant than it actually is, but if you look at the bottle shade or the last non flash pic you'll get a better idea of the exact shade of this polish :)

Bling Dynasty
Bling Dynasty is a gorgeous shimmery golden polish, it makes me think of sunshine, there is a slight orange undertone to this polish that gives it a slight brass tone alongside the gold, and the golden shimmer makes this one sparkle. I think the unusual tone of the gold in this polish means it would suit almost any skin tone, really love this :)

It was nice to revisit an older collection, especially as I am still a bit "Jaded" (no pun intended :D) by some of the new collections OPI are bringing out, ah well, I did love the Katy Perry Collection, and to be honest I can't judge the new pirates collection simply from the promo pics, but Texas really hasn't impressed me too much. The one thing I am extremely excited about are some of the New Serena Williams Collections, there's a pic on Pretty Lil Things here: if you are interested in seeing the next set that will be coming out :) I still have to post my pics of Simply Smashing :D


  1. I always loved Suzi says fen Shui and Jade is the New Black oh And dim sum Plum. This sollection had a lot of pretty, happy colors.

  2. I love those little bottles :) Your pics are very clear color accurate! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Yeah I totally agree this was a very happy collection :D :D thanx Gotham Polish and I'm a big fan of the mini OPIs too, they're too cute :D