Friday 18 March 2011

Orly Cosmic FX Swatches Part 1

I did some skittle swatches of the Orly Cosmic FX Collection a while back, but I really don't think that gave the attention these polishes deserve. This range is probably one of the best duochrome foil finish collections out there, so these posts are going to be very picture heavy to really highlight the different colour flashes each polish has, thats why I've split the 6 polishes into 2 posts :D Anyway here they are :D hope you enjoy :D

L-R It's Not Rocket Science, Halley's Comet, Lunar Eclipse

It's Not Rocket Science
It's not Rocket Science is an awesome gooey duochrome green shade, it flashes two different shades, the afore mentioned gooey green and emerald green, as an avid green polish lover I absolutely adore this one, it was opaque in 2/3 coats (depending on how fussy you are) and for some reason makes me think of China Glaze Zombie Zest (although that one is a glitter)

Clicky to see the emerald green flash

Halley's Comet
Halley's Comet is a turquoise green/blue duochrome polish, which flashes both colours at different angles, this was opaque at 3 coats, and I recently did a comparison post of this polish and OPI's Catch Me In Your Net:

OPI Catch Me In Your Net

Lunar Eclipse
 Lunar Eclipse was the most tricky to photograph out of these three, It's a navy blue polish with a strong purple duochrome effect, this purple was hardest to capture on camera, but I did my best to demonstrate the awesome effect in the following pics:

 The purple effect is definitely more apparent in the photos without the flash, this was 3 coats for full opacity.

bottle pic really shows the purple/blue duochrome

Orly Cosmic FX Collection is definitely one of my favourite collections of all time! The next 3 polishes from this collection will follow soon :D


  1. Aaaah... I still love the halley's comet! I need to buy it.... But I don't wanna buy it from online...:( Oh, and in the local OPI shop, they have finally received the Katy Perry collection!! So happy!

  2. This release is the best release Orly ever did, just awesome!!!

  3. It's Not Rocket Science is my big love!