Wednesday 12 January 2011

China Glaze Tis The Season to be Naughty and Nice Collection Swatches

So I've been very distracted to all things holo thanks to OPI Standing Room Only, but I've finally managed to put together pics of all my China Glaze Tis The Season to be Naughty and Nice Collection, the awesome sale at Sally's allowed me to pick up the ones I hadn't managed to get prior to Christmas and the only one I didn't bother with was Snow, mainly because its a basic white creme polish, and I already have quite a few of these :D so here are the bottle pics:

L-R Phat Santa,  Party Hearty and Jolly Holly

L-R Little Drummer Boy, Peace on Earth, Mommy Kissing Santa and Jingle Bells

L-R Ruby Deer and Sugar Plums(has holo glitter)

L-R Mistletoe Kisses, Mrs Claus and Naughty and Nice

L-R Frosty, Cheers to You and Midnight Kiss

First up some Skittle Swatches, starting with the reds from this collection, and there is definitely a red for every occasion :D.

Thumb: Phat Santa, Index: Ruby Deer, Middle: Mommy Kissing Santa, Ring: Sugar Plums, Pinkie: Naughty and Nice

Phat Santa and Ruby Deer are both creme reds and are opaque in 2/3 coats depending on how fussy you are about VNL. Ruby Deer is the slightly darker of the two, both are great vibrant reds, perfect if your a fan of traditional red polish.

Mommy Kissing Santa is definitely one of my faves from this collection, it is a deep crimson red and has that wonderful metallic effect of being darker around the edges (this effect shows up better in the next photo).

Sugar Plums was the one I wanted most when I first saw this collection, its a deep plum colour and has gorgeous holographic glitter throughout which really makes it sparkle :) the glitter is quite sparse but the effect is stunning.

Naughty and Nice is a very dark burgundy creme polish, its quite light after one coat, but 2 coats definitely brings out the deeper almost black tone, very nice for toes :D.

the next pic depicts the lit within effect of Mommy Kissing Santa a little better, and the holo effect in Sugar Plums is also more visable:

Index: Ruby Deer, Middle: Mommy Kissing Santa, Ring: Sugar Plums, Pinkie: Naughty and Nice

 Now for some more skittle swatches on the left hand :D
Pinkie: Mrs. Claus, Ring: Little Drummer Boy, Middle: Midnight Kiss, Index: Jingle Bells

Mrs Claus is often compared to Mistletoe Kisses (See below for swatches) but the only real similarity is the fact that they are both glitters. Mrs Claus is far more sheer and even after 4/5 coats its still not completely opaque, not that it matters, because it still looks stunning sheer. its a pink/red sheer base packed with sparkly lighter pink glitter, perfect for Christmas :D.

Little Drummer Boy is the blue version of Mommy Kissing Santa, it also has the lit from within effect that I adore, and is a stunning dark navy, but not too dark that it looks black, just right in fact :D.

Midnight Kiss is a gorgeous gold/champagne metallic finish polish, really love the metallic polishes from this collection, they are very easy to apply and not streaky at all.

Jingle Bells has is a slight more red toned gold than Midnight Kiss, almost a colour between gold and bronze, but not quite as metallic as Midnight Kiss, again it applies beautifully and if you are a fan of golds you're sure to enjoy this one.

Pinkie: Mrs. Claus, Ring: Little Drummer Boy, Middle: Midnight Kiss, Index: Jingle Bells

Now for some NOTD swatches:
 Mistletoe Kisses
I just can't get enough of this polish, it is easily my favourite from the entire collection, photos don't begin to do it justice, it is unbelievably sparkly, really looks like a Christmas bauble, perfectly opaque in 2/3 coats and I absolutely love the name :D

Peace on Earth
I wasn't sure how I felt about Peace on Earth until I applied it, and instantly it became one of my faves from the collection. It's another lit from within polish like Mommy Kissing Santa and Little Drummer Boy, and the effect works incredibly on this polish, from some angles it really looks like liquid gold. Stunning!

Jolly Holly
A lovely "holly" green :) this is the fourth polish in the collection that has that lit from within effect that I keep going on about :) I just love the effect, it looks almost black around the edges. If you're a green lover you really will love this collection, some of the best greens I've ever seen!

Party Hearty
This one definitely seems to be the one everyone is raving about and you can see why its packed with glitter small gold flecks, medium green flecks and massive hexagonal red flecks :D here it is layered over Jolly Holly:

Party Hearty on its own

Party Hearty over Phat Santa
 This is definitely one of the most exciting glitters I've seen, was perfect for Christmas. Gorgeous on its own or layered, all these pics had 3 coats of Party Hearty, but it looked fine at 2 or even 1 for a more sparse effect.

Jingle Bells

Jingle Bells is a great metallic silver polish, its definitely the most metallic out the bunch, perfect coverage.


Last up its Frosty, one of the two white shades in this collection. As I mentioned previously I didn't bother with Snow, as it looked to be a typical white creme similar to OPI Alpine Snow, which I already have.
This one is one of the most surprising favourites for me, I usually love sparkly white polishes, but they are usually incredible sheer and take a thousand coats to reach a good opacity. Frosty is opaque at 2/3 and the shimmer within this polish is simply stunning! Included a blurry pic to show how many gorgeous colours this one flashes :) very pretty! 

TOP 5 Polished From China Glaze Tis The Season to be Naughty And Nice:
1. Mistletoe Kisses
2. Mommy Kissing Santa
3. Peace on Earth
4. Party Hearty
5. Sugar Plums

Very hard to choose just 5 as I really loved this collection. Even though Christmas is over I can definitely see me using these pretties all year round :D


  1. Party Hearty is on my hit list, I should have grabbed this one :)

  2. I love Frosty, and Party Hearty is also one of my favorites! :D Too bad I haven´t found those from Finland... :'D

  3. Yeah Party Hearty is sooooo gorgeous, I love the fact that it has big glitter chunks :D

    Banana: have you tried looking online? its quite hard to find China Glaze over in the UK too, except at Sally's so sometimes I purchase them from US sites, works out really cheap too :D


  4. This collection was also in someone other's blog, and still, my fave is mistletoe kisses:D