Thursday 20 January 2011

NOTD - OPI Reflecting Pool

So I recently popped into Sally's in Watford, and on the top shelf of their OPI rack I spotted a polish I wasn't too familiar with. I was instantly drawn in by its uniqueness, a gorgeous metallic blue with golden flakes, so I had to check the name, it was OPI Reflecting Pool, I was just as in love with the name as I was with the polish. I recently found out this was a UK Exclusive release, shocker :O! Usually I look at all the awesome ULTA exclusive polishes and feel all sad that we don't get many exciting releases over here, but this polish has me beyond excited :D. Here come some pics. First pic is with a flash, which didn't really capture the gorgeous shimmery tone of the colour, and made it look a darker shade of blue. So the rest of the pics are without the flash to show the truer colour and effect.

OPI Chip Skip
Base Coat: OPI Nail Envy 1 coat
OPI Reflecting Pool (3 coats)
Top Coat Seche Vite

 No Flash pics
This polish is absolutely gorgeous! It's definitely a 3 coater as it is very sheer, but it seems to dry pretty quick, so its not too much of a problem, it might actually work well layered over darker blues, I must try that :D

The last pic really highlights the stunning golden flecks that really make this polish live up to its name. I think its one of my favourite named polishes, which reminds me, I really want to do a top 10 polish names post at some point :D
Also Had a request for OPI Standing Room Only over a blue, so I'm going to try that on top of this :D pics to follow :D


  1. aaaaw, lovely!! I'm also doing one mani -right now! It has to dry, so I'm looking all the best blogs until that :) But you have a good polish taste, have to admit :D

  2. that reminds me of zoya's "crystal" polish!

  3. Thanks Karzu :D I'm glad you like my taste in polish :D looking forward to seeing your current mani :D
    Nail Designs: a few other people have mentioned that Zoya's crystal is a definite dupe for Reflecting Pool, I've not got any Zoya polishes unfortunately, they're not readily available in the UK