Monday 3 January 2011

NOTD - Orly Lunar Eclipse with holo glitter New Years Eve Mani

Happy New Year!!!!!

I wanted a striking blue polish to go with my jewellery for new year's eve, something along the lines of OPI's Designer Series - Glamour, which I sadly don't own :'( so recently when I was in Stock Shop (an utterly awesome hair and nail supply place in London Whetstone) I found a rather exciting glitter polish by Attitude called Aurora, and it was under £3 which I can't argue with :D

Bottle Pics 
Essentially it is a holographic glitter top coat, but the glitter is extremely fine, so I bought it hoping it would leave a similar effect to OPI Designer Series polishes, so the next step was to find the right shade of blue, I recently purchased the Orly Cosmic FX range which luckily had the perfect electric blue, Lunar Eclipse:

So here's how the final Mani looked :D

OPI Chip Skip
Base Coat: OPI Nail Envy 1 coat
Orly Cosmic FX Lunar Eclipse 3 coats
Attitude Aurora 1 coat
Top Coat Seche Vite

Here are some more pics with a little blur to show the stunning holo effect of this polish :D


I think I need to buy another bottle of Aurora, as I forsee much usage in the future, the effect is absolutely stunning, and because the glitter particles are so fine, you really get a similar effect to OPI Designer Series polishes :D I absolutely cannot wait to try this top coat over more polishes, the final effect of this mani is very near to OPI Designer Series Glamour :D the glitter is slightly sparser, but perhaps another coat would help that, shall have to try two coats next time :D

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