Monday 24 January 2011

NOTD - OPI Katy Perry Collection with Crackle Top Coat Skittle Swatches

Here's how the OPI Katy Perry Collection looks like topped with Barry M's Instant Effects Crackle Polish (am still waiting for my OPI Black Shatter to arrive, but from what I've seen Barry M's version is more or less identical in effect)

Index and Middle: Not Like The Moves, Ring and Pinkie: The One That Got Away

Pinkie and Ring: Last Friday Night, Middle and Index: Teenage Dream

Pinkie and Ring: Last Friday Night, Middle and Index: Teenage Dream

All of these have on finger with the original colour, and one with 1 thick coat of Barry M's Instant Nail Effects Crackle Polish:

OPI Katy Perry Collection: The One That Got Away

Definitely liking this combination, the contrast between the shimmery magenta/pink and the black crackle looks ace!

 OPI Katy Perry Collection: Not Like The Movies
I really like the crackle effect over duochromes, it certainly doesn't take anything away from the effect! Just gives an added depth.

 OPI Katy Perry Collection: Teenage Dream

This is definitely my favourite with or without crackle top coat, the sparkles are just stunning, and the way they peep out from the edges of the crackle is just beautiful, very girlie and very funky :D

 OPI Katy Perry Collection: Last Friday Night

The crackle top coat definitely helps with the sheerness of Last Friday Night, I still think I prefer it with a base colour though.

And just for fun I tried layering Last Friday Night over the nails with Not Like The Movies + crackle and The One That Got Away + crackle, (Teenage Dream didn't really work layered over these as its not quite as sheer as Last Friday Night)

L-Not Like The Moves + Barry M Instant Nail Effects Crackle + Last Friday Night
R - L-The One That Got Away + Barry M Instant Nail Effects Crackle + Last Friday Night

I do like the effect of these layered with Last Friday Night, it's sheer enough not to take away from the crackle effect, and glittery enough to make the manicure more interesting :D definitely one for layering!


  1. I would love to have teenage dream looks realy pretty

  2. yeah I really think Teenage Dream is the most exciting from this collection :D soooo pretttyy hehe :D

  3. Aaaaah, all (except not much that Last Friday night) are SO magnificent and gorgeus!! Especially teenage dream!! That Barry M's Instant Effects Crackle Polish makes it even more gorgeus -with or without!
    I'm displeased that they don't sell Teenage dream or the whole collection in here, I would have to look for online...And I'm too lazy for that... :''D But my point was:
    I LOVE these colours!!

  4. Yeah I'm definitely loving the crackle polish, can't quite make my mind up about whether its worth having different colours, china glaze have brought out a few different colour crackles, but part of me really feels it works best with black. It's a shame they dont sell this collection where you are :( :(