Tuesday 11 January 2011

OPI Standing Room Only Swatches Layered with other polishes

With the arrival of China Glaze's new holographic collection Tronica looming in the not too distant future, it seems the excitement of holographic polishes is definitely returning :D
So after the arrival of my most coveted holographic polish: OPI's Standing Room Only, yesterday, I couldn't resist seeing how this polish works layered over colours other than black. Needless to say I'm too in love with how it looks over black to remove it, so I tried out some swatches over a few other colours from my collection on a nail wheel :D Some of them are simply too awesome for words :D
The colours I chose for testing are:
China Glaze Poolside Collection: Kiwi Cool-Ada (neon green), Towel Boy Toy (neon blue), Yellow Polka Dot Bikini (neon yellow), Pool Party (neon pink), Sun Worshiper (neon orange), Flip Flop Fantasy (neon peach),China Glaze WOW Neon Collection: Purple Panic (neon purple) OPI: Jade is The New Black (green), Kennebunk-Port (crimson), Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot! (pink), China Glaze Tis The Season to be Naughty and Nice: Little Drummer Boy (dark blue shimmer) and Naughty and Nice (very dark burgundy)

All photos have the original polish on the left and the polish with 1 coat of Standing Room Only on the right. First up is:

China Glaze Poolside Collection: Kiwi Cool-Ada (neon green)

China Glaze Poolside Collection: Towel Boy Toy (neon blue)

China Glaze Poolside Collection: Yellow Polka Dot Bikini (neon yellow) 

China Glaze Poolside Collection: Pool Party (neon pink)

China Glaze Poolside Collection: Sun Worshiper (neon orange)

China Glaze Poolside Collection: Flip Flop Fantasy (neon peach)

China Glaze WOW Neon Collection: Purple Panic (neon purple)

For some reason it looks like this polish was meant to be layered over neons! It goes on very thinly and applies perfectly even. That's not to say you cant use it over standard polishes as well, it just goes on slightly thickly, however one thing to bear in mind if you choose dark colours, you nearly always end up with the same look (just like over black) see the last pic for this. Next up some regular colours:

OPI Hong Kong Collection: Jade is The New Black (green) 

OPI: Kennebunk-Port (crimson) 

OPI South Beach Collection: Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot! (pink)

RED HOLOGRAPHIC!!! This is beyond exciting for me, as I've yet to find a good red holo, as you can see from these pics Standing Room Only does apply slightly thicker to non neons, but the overall effect is still utterly stunning :D

And Finally the failure pics, as I said previously if you choose a colour which is very dark, the overall effect once you layer Standing Room Only is almost identical to my first attempt with black polish, so unless you want that dark grey holo its best to stick to more vibrant colours to get the best effect :D

China Glaze Tis The Season to be Naughty and Nice Collection: Little Drummer Boy (dark blue shimmer) and Naughty and Nice (very dark burgundy)

If I ever get round to doing a top 10 polish list I have a feeling OPI's Standing Room Only would feature very near if not at the top :D its by far the most exciting holo I've owned, and it gives the opportunity to revamp so many colours from my collection :D If you fancy seeing how this polish looks over a specific colour just give me a shout :D. Now I'm off to pick which neon to try out on my nails :D mmmmmm Holo Goodness :D


  1. I love the neon colours!!

  2. That is an awesome topcoat!!! You can layer it with any color/texture and it turns out beautiful :D

  3. Holy moly, that is some fantastic polish!! How did you get a hold of it and how much did it cost?! Absolutely beautiful!

  4. Isn't it wonderful, I think its my fave polish at the moment :D cant wait to actually apply it over a neon on my nails, really have to bring myself to remove my current mani lol :D

    Starving Nail Addict: alas the only place I could find it was ebay, and it was a shocking £20 but when you consider the designer series retails over here at £16 (yes UK prices for polish are absolutely shocking) its not too bad really :) certainly glad I managed to pick it up, I'm just scared that I'm going to use it all the time lol glad its a big bottle :D


  5. PS I've heard OPI DS Shimmer is very similar, so that might be worth a try? I only have DS Original from the very holo DSs I think its too opaque to work but I'm definitely going to try over neons at least, the polish just seems to apply a lot thinner over them, maybe cuz they're matte? :S


  6. Great post, I need to grab this one when I see it on the bay of evil! :)

  7. I have DS Shimmer, I think I'll try this out :)

  8. D'oh! That's way too pricey for me to handle. . . Oh, but so beautiful!

  9. Oh wow that is amazing, I wonder if it works with any other holo's too because I don't have this one.

  10. I just tried DS Original over some neons and it works brilliantly too :D just gotta apply it really thin :D woooooo