Saturday 8 January 2011

China Glaze Wizard of Ooh Ahz Collection Swatches

So I'm a little late getting my hands on this collection, which was a rereleased in 2009.  I'd managed to get Ruby Pumps, a while back, which is probably my favourite red polish, so when I saw one of the online stores I regularly frequent had the rest of the collection on sale for a very reasonable amount I simply couldn't resist. And I have to admit I'm so glad I got them all, they are all unique in their own way, and if you love glitters you will absolutely love these polishes. First up some bottle pics: 

L-R The Ten Man, Cowardly Lyin', Good Witch

L-R Ruby Pumps, C-C-Courage Dorothy Who?

As you can see from the bottle pics, these babies are packed with lovely micro glitter that really makes these colours twinkle, most of the swatches below are 3/4 coats, the opacity isn't amazing on these, but the stunning colours more than make up for that :D as does a quick trying top coat :D

 Cowardly Lyin'

Cowardly Lyin' is a vibrant yellow/gold colour with tiny micro glitter particles, makes me think of sunshine, definitely a very wearable yellow this one :D

 The Ten Man

The Ten Man is a light silver with silver micro glitter, its a lot lighter than other silvers I own, I think I applied this one a little too quickly, was a bit impatient waiting for the layers to dry so thats why it looks a little lumpy :S oops

 Ruby Pumps

Ruby Pumps is definitely the most renowned from The Wizard of Ooh Ahz Collection, and every time I apply it I remember why. Ruby Pumps is an absolutely gorgeous shimmery crimson red colour and the way the micro glitter makes this one glow is just awesome, I'm sure there's a lot of dupes out there of this polish, but I've not seen one yet that I love as much, looks awesome with Konading as well! It's hard not to think of ruby slippers when you've got this one on, really lives up to its name :D


truest colour pic

C-C-Courage is definitely one of my faves from this collection, it is quite a hard one to photograph as it comes out a little more blue than it actually is, but the first two pics of it here show its purple tones :D I'm a big fan of purple polish in general, so I love this striking violet shade :D

 Good Witch

Good Witch is a lovely pinky/peach shade with fine micro glitter. This is one of my fave light pink polishes, I often find it hard to find a good opaque pink as most of the lighter pinks can be quite sheer, so I for one love this shade, just tried a bit of Konading with it, which I will post soon and its made me love it even more :D

Dorothy Who?

Alongside Ruby Pumps, Dorothy Who? is definitely my favourite from this range. It's the most glitter packed of the bunch and the blue is just the perfect shade, not too dark or too light, the lighter glitter particles make this one shine like a disco ball, ahh soo pretty, tried to include some blurry pics to really show off the glitter effect on this one. Really makes me think of twinkling stars :D

All in all The Wizard of Ooh Ahz is definitely one of my favourite collections from China Glaze, I love the fact that all the colours are completely different, and I'm a big fan of micro glitter polishes, and the best thing these actually aren't that hard to remove :D


  1. Dorothy Who? is my fave

  2. Ruby Pumps and Dorothy Who are definitely the winners of this collection <3

  3. I definitely agree :D they are too stunning!!! <3 glitters