Monday 24 January 2011

OPI Katy Perry Collection Skittle Swatches

Finally got around to doing some skittle swatches of the OPI Katy Perry Collection, and although it's quite early in the year, this is definitely my fave new collection so far. There's four polishes in this collection and also the new OPI Black Shatter Polish (which also features in the Serena Williams pack). First up some bottle pics:

L-R The One That Got Away, Not Like The Movies, Teenage Dream and Last Friday Night
no flash

L-R The One That Got Away, Not Like The Movies, Teenage Dream and Last Friday Night
with flash

OPI Katy Perry Collection: The One That Got Away
This is 2 coats of The One That Got Away with Seche Vite Top Coat

The One That Got Away, may initially seem like the least remarkable of the collection, but it really is a lovely, albeit not unique, colour. A deep shimmery Magenta/Pink, with very small micro glitter that really makes this polish sparkle, it reminds me a little of Let Me Entertain You, from the Burlesque Collection. The One That Got Away is a slightly darker/more magenta version really. here's a pic: 

OPI Burlesque Collection - Let Me Entertain You
Perhaps it should have been called "The One That Got Away from The Burlesque Collection" lol. And here is one more pic without flash so you can see the micro glitter a little better :) definitely a great colour for lovers of shimmers and pinks!
no flash
 OPI Katy Perry Collection: Not Like The Movies
3 Coats of Not Like The Movies with Seche Vite Top Coat

As an avid duochrome lover, I must admit I was most excited about this polish, and boy does it deliver! A gorgeous duochrome silver shade, Not Like The Movies, reflects all kinds of colours at different angles, the 3 main colours you'll get are silver/green/pink depending on the angle, and as with all duochromes taking photographs that really show its glory is always going to be quite the struggle, but here's a few:

no flash
no flash
 If you love duochrome polishes, I'd definitely advise getting your hands on this one!

OPI Katy Perry Collection: Teenage Dream
3 Coats of Teenage Dream with Seche Vite Top Coat

Teenage Dream has become my favourite polish from this collection, its even more stunning on nails that it is in the bottle! It's a sheer light pink base packed with silver and pink holographic glitter, which reflects every colour. It takes a good 3 coats to get this one opaque, but the final effect is so gorgeous that it's absolutely worth it! I'm trying to find a suitable light pink base to layer this one over :D
no flash

 OPI Katy Perry Collection: Last Friday Night
3 Coats Last Friday Night with Seche Vite Top Coat

Last Friday Night is a sheer blue/turquoise polish with silver, blue and pink glitter flecks. Perhaps if I hadn't already tried layering Last Friday Night over China Glaze's Frostbite (see last post) this one would have been a bit of a disappointment, it's a lot sheerer than Teenage Dream, and even with 4 coats, there is still a good deal of VNL. It definitely makes your nails look like you've been exposed to ridiculously low temperatures, perhaps good if your going for that ice queen look :). But as I'm not entirely too fond of very sheer polishes I definitely prefer this one layered, here's a pic of how it looks layered:

Last Friday Night over ChG Frostbite
I think I'll definitely be using this one as a layering polish! The Glitter is far less remarkable on its own, adding a base layer really brings out the gorgeous shimmer, very icy!
no flash

As I said before I absolutely love this collection, I'm still waiting for my Serena Williams duo pack to arrive, which has the OPI Black Shatter Polish, but as I've been told the effect of Barry M Instant Nail Effects crackle polish is practically identical in effect to the OPI, I couldn't resist seeing how these colours look with the crackle layered on top :D photos will follow soon :D


  1. They are LOVELYYY! Especially teenage dream!
    So that what it looks like on its own (the last friday night)...Yeah, I have to say, it would have been a little disappointment, But NOT if you look at the nails with Frost Bite! But anyway, I like this collection very much *w* Oh, and did you say you're gonna buy sparkle-icious(?), if you did, I have to warn you, it's pretty hard to remove, but it's worth it!! (wow, this is a looong comment)

  2. yeh I definitely think last friday night works better as a layering polish!! :D it is a lovely collection!! :D and yes im still waiting for sparkle-icious to arrive :) and i know glitters are notoriously hard to remove, I just posted how to do the foil method for removing glitters on your page :) hope it helps next time :D