Wednesday 27 April 2011

Franken number 2: Valhalla Sky

Here's my second attempt at frankening, I have to admit, I'm pretty hooked :) I've named this one Valhalla Sky. I'm going to try and remember all the polishes I used and add them to this post a bit later :)

Valhalla Sky

Valhalla Sky turned out to be a deep magenta shimmery purple with blue sparkle (you probably have to click to see the blue shimmer) I used an old OPI Rapid Dry Bottle to make the franken, the brush is pretty thick, but it wasn't too hard to apply, and opaque at 2 coats :D I'm quite happy with how this one turned out, I'm not sure if its entirely unique but I can never have enough purple shimmers :D Hope you guys enjoy it! 



  1. Wow, it's so cute!! You're good at making frankens...O_O

  2. thanks :) I'm a little addicted to frankening now, got another three I need to post soon :D