Wednesday 13 April 2011

More Fun With Frankening - Valhalla Sky and Nights on Cydonia

So I've seriously got the frankening bug, and since I only used the tiniest bit of DS Sapphire for my last franken - Nightshade Jet, I'm hoping to try and create another holo polish, I'm thinking I'll have a try at maybe red, green or perhaps white holo (that will be a challenge), but first up here are two non holo polishes I frankened recently, these were created using mostly some of my half full drugstore polishes with very sparing amounts of some of my favourite pearl and foil effect polishes, I will try and list the ones I used when I do a proper swatch post for each, but I couldn't resist sharing a couple of wheel swatches to see what you guys think of these :D

On the left we have Valhalla Sky (a slight play on Vanilla Sky, one of my favourite movies, in fact I really want to try and create a polish worthy of that name) and on the right Nights on Cydonia (the colour made me think of Mars, and yes the I couldn't resist a pun with one of my favourite Muse songs: Knights of Cydonia hehe :)

L-R Valhalla Sky and Nights on Cydonia

So what do you think of these? I know they're not the most exciting frankens out there, but I'm really looking forward to wearing them :D do you like the names I've chosen? I can't wait to try and make some more :D


  1. I think they're gorgeous :D and I love the names :D Nights on Cydonia.. Oooohhh :D

  2. Pretty I never made my own franken.

  3. Gorgeous! Definitely waiting for the list and more frankens....!