Monday 4 April 2011

A England Nail Polish Swatches Merlin, Iseult and Morgan Le Fay

After absolutely loving Lady of The Lake and Tristam I couldn't resist picking up a few more polishes from A England's The Mythicals (especially since they're still doing a 20% off for facebook fans, link is further on). The polishes I opted for this time were: Merlin (silver glitter), Iseult (pale pink shimmery polish) and Morgan Le Fay (sheer shimmer), first up some bottle pics:
L-R Merlin, Iseult, Morgan Le Fay 

A England Merlin Swatches 

Merlin (The wizard) is a gorgeous silver glitter polish, the particles are rectangular and medium sized and this polish is great for layering on top of another colour or 3/4 coats alone to reach a good opacity. I tried Merlin over Morgan Le Fay, which looked stunning, will save that for a later post :)

 A England Iseult Swatches

Iseult (Tristam's tragic lover) is a pale pink polish packed with hints of shimmer, this took 3 coats to reach full opacity and is an absolutely gorgeous pinky girly shade, great if you love understated polishes, great if your a lover of OPI soft shades type colours, but with an extra hint of glamour, also a lot less sheer than soft shades, you could probably use 1 coat for a french manicure.
Iseult reminds me a little of Zoya Marley from the Zoya Intimates, it could be her pinker little sister, 

A England Morgan Le Fay Swatches

Morgan Le Fay (half-sister of King Arthur; a healer) is a gorgeous sheer polish packed with white and silver shimmer, a great polish for layering, this was 3 coats.

I was lucky enough to get the chance to interview A England's creator Adina Bodana recently, that interview will feature in an upcoming Spotlight On: A England post! :D

Don't forget to check out A-England's Facebook page, they're doing an awesome 20% of promotion :D which runs through to April 16th


  1. Awesome!! I want some of these and will mark my calender :)

  2. Wow I love the Merlin one!! Love how it's not opaqueO_O

  3. they really are awesome colours, I so need to get me some more from this collection, before the 20% promo finishes!! hehe :D