Sunday 17 April 2011

NOTD - Make Up Store Britta (pink holographic)

Make Up Store had an awesome 20% promo when I was in there last so I couldn't resist picking up a couple more holographic polishes from their awesome line of PERMANENT linear holo polishes. So here is Britta, a pink holographic polish, I absolutely adore this colour!!! here are some sun, shade and indoors pics hope you enjoy :D

sunshine no flash

shade no flash
As with most linear holos it's best not to use a top coat or normal base coat (aqua base works well so does matte top coat as a base coat) but top coat dulls the holo a lot!

apologies for the lack of posts, I had a rather unfortunate accident stabbing my right thumb with a dinner fork :S oops!!! So typing was very hard initially, getting a bit easier though :) Will hopefully announce the winner of my GOSH holographic competition very soon :D

Thought I'd add a link to my other post featuring Make Up Store Siw (blue holographic) just in case you wanted to check out a different colour from this range, click on the pic to go to the post :D


  1. The color looks gorgeous on you!! :) And I'm so sorry about your thumb.. That would've really hurt.. Hope you get well soon!! :)

  2. I hope your thumb gets better very soon =).
    This polish is really beautiful =)

  3. Get well soon for your thumb! And the polish is fab :)

  4. So sorry about your thumb. That nail polish is gorgeous!!

  5. Wowzers! Love holos and pink looks amazing!

  6. Another holo...I'm addicted to holos....;'D Sorry for your thumb D: Looking forward to hear who were the winners :DDD

  7. thanx for all the get well wishes guys :) I can actually move it a little now, so fingers crossed I can paint my nails again soon :):)

  8. Hi :)
    I just found this blog :)
    I have Britta and I love it :) Sadly it started to chip really quick for me and I found that the holo effect disappeared a bit when I used a top coat :)
    I love the color though and I will definetly buy some more :)
    Hugs from Finland :)