Tuesday 19 April 2011

Zoya Holiday Gift Set - Yasmeen Polish and Hocus Pocus Lip Gloss

I'd been searching for Zoya Yasmeen, a gorgeous shimmery deep purple shade for quite a while now, a few months ago I spotted it on http://www.nailetc.com as part of a Zoya Holiday Gift Set, paired with a lip gloss, I noticed the bottle was a mini, but I'm pleased to say Zoya minis are a lot larger than your average mini polish: 7.5ml (thats over double an OPI mini) and the brush in their mini bottles is the same size as the standard Zoya brush, so considering how hard it was to find Yasmeen, I decided to give this gift set a go:
Zoya Holiday Gift Set: Hocus Pocus Lip Gloss & Zoya Yasmeen mini polish

Zoya Yasmeen 
This was 3 coats, there are so many shimmery dimensions to Yasmeen, my eyes never tire from staring at her! Yasmeen is a rich deep purple shade with hints of red/berry shimmer, packed with depth, definitely one of the best purple Zoyas I can see why I found it so hard to get my hands on this one! :)

and here's a look at the Hocus Pocus lip gloss on:
My first time trying to take lip photos lol, so excuse the fact that they aren't too great, I do love this gloss though, application is a little tricky as it just pops out a small hole in the tube, its not really shaped like a lip gloss so you'll prob need to use your fingers to spread it, but I love it! Its a little on the sticky side, but that just means it doesn't rub off immediately which is always good, colour wise its quite a subtle shimmer, not as dark as a look at the bottle might suggest. I do love the shimmer though, it really sparkles in the sun and is still a subtle everyday friendly shade :D!!

 Have you picked up any of the other holiday gift sets? What do you think of Yasmeen, is she a must have purple :) thanks for reading, and for those interested my thumb is healing nicely :D should be back to painting in no time, then I can finally start those Konad Plate Reviews I promised :D


  1. I have Yasmeen and absolutely LOVE it! I think it's my favorite purple out of the ton I own.

  2. I lovee the purple ! I want it right now (: Im in love.

  3. This is still on my lemming list. I want it so bad. Next Zoya order I'm getting it. It looks gorgeous on you. As does the lipgloss. :0