Sunday 30 October 2011

Halloween Week - OPI Spookettes Swatches Part 4 Zom-Body To Love

Last but certainly not least from OPI Spookettes is Zom-Body To Love, the glow in the dark polish :)

This was three coats of Zom-Body To Love over Mummy Knows Best. This is the first glow in the dark polish I've ever tried so I'm pretty excited about it :) Zom-Body To Love is an extremely sheer "minty" green, it definitely works best layered over another colour. The glow effect is really strong if you hold your hands up to a light for a few seconds before turning out the lights :) This is definitely the star of the Spookettes Collection, and is a great polish to use for some Halloween themed manicures! I'll be posting mine shortly

OPI Spookettes set consists of 4 mini polishes, (1 is a glow in the dark colour) and a sheet of Halloween themed water nail decals. To see more swatches of all the colours from this range click here or the photo

Next Up: A Halloween themed mani, using one of the nail decals! 


  1. This is, by far, the best picture of a glow in the dark polish I've seen this past month. It looks great. So maybe GITD polish looks best over white?

  2. thanxx :D I've not tried it on its own to compare, but I definitely will :D

  3. kyaaa, I thought it would fade fast and only shine a little bit but this looks pretty strong!