Thursday 13 October 2011

China Glaze Metro Week - Uptown - City Siren

Next up from Uptown Set from China Glaze Metro Collection for autumn 2001 is City Siren:

City Siren is a gorgeous vibrant deep red creme, not overly unique, but one of the best red cremes I've ever applied, the formula is perfection, some of my favourite red shades (like Illamasqua Throb) are a bit of a chore to apply, especially with staining :S this was one of the least messy reds I've ever applied! :D City Siren is slightly more cool toned/crimson than the photos show, it was actually really hard to get a true colour photo of this shade, even the last non-flash photo makes this look more saturated than it really is, none the less a gorgeous red creme! Perfect for the season!

Illamasqua - Throb
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City Siren is a lot deeper and cooler (more crimson) than Throb, but I think it will join it as one of my favourite red cremes! :D

China Glaze - City Siren