Saturday 29 October 2011

Halloween Week - OPI Spookettes Swatches Part 1 Mummy Knows Best

With Halloween a few days away its time to have a peek at some Halloween themed polishes, first up will be OPI's mini set for Halloween 2011: Spookettes. First up is Mummy Knows Best

I'm pretty sure this is just OPI Alpine Snow renamed for Halloween. Mummy Knows Best is a white creme polish, it's nice to have a new bottle actually I forgot how nicely this one applies when its new, unfortunately my Alpine Snow is a little on the gloopy side these days, must add some Seche Restore. Nothing overwhelmingly unique about this shade, it was opaque in 2 coats. This will always remind me of the days of applying tip ex to the nails (ahhh youth hehe). I have a feeling this shade will work well as a base for the glow in the dark colour from this collection! It's probably good to have for french tips as well, as the mini brush makes the tips slightly easier to apply! 

OPI Spookettes set consists of 4 mini polishes, (1 is a glow in the dark colour) and a sheet of Halloween themed water nail decals. To see more swatches of all the colours from this range click here or the photo

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