Sunday 9 October 2011

China Glaze Metro Week - Downtown - Skyscraper

Next up from the Downtown set from China Glaze Metro Collection for autumn 2011 is Skyscraper:

Skycraper is the first glitter polish from Metro, it's a jelly denim blue base packed with silver and blue glitter. Jelly's are a great base for glitter, they allow the glitter to build up a gorgeous depth, this shade really looks like a shimmering moonlit lake and is absolutely stunning, I've seen a few people asking if this is a dupe for Dorothy Who (See below). Skyscraper is a lot darker than Dorothy Who? but if you loved that polish, then you definitely want to pick up Skyscraper!

China Glaze - Dorothy Who?
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 China Glaze - Skyscraper

Formula wise, Skyscraper was a little trickier to apply than the other shades from this collection, as it's a little on the gloopy side, still with a little perseverance it applied pretty well, and was more or less opaque in 3 coats.

blurry glitter goodness :D


  1. I really love this color! I haven't picked up any of the polishes from the Metro collection yet haha. I normally don't care for blue nail polish but this is GORGEOUS! And you can never go wrong with glitter...even if it's a b*tch to remove! Haha :)

  2. alas glitter is always going to be a love/hate relationship for me, I absolutely adore them while I'm wearing them, but the removal process always drives me a little insane lol :):)ah well tis the price to pay for spangly nails :)

  3. i love this color!! that glitter is sooo amazing

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