Monday 31 October 2011

Halloween Nail Art 2011 - With OPI Spookettes Collection

An Alternative Glow In The Dark French Manicure for Halloween:

First up I applied Nail Tek Foundation as base coat, then 2 coats of Mummy Knows Best. Once dry I applied 3 coats of Zom-Body To Love, followed by the spider nail decal once dry (See bottom of post for tips on decal application).

I applied black tips freehand using I Only Date Werewolves, (mini bottle brushes are brilliant for french tips) followed by Seche Vite Top coat:

On the back of the box, they have several nail art suggestions to create using the polishes and decals from this set, I went with welcome To Spider's Corner (See photo below) but I opted for standard french tips over the chevrons.

Water Nail Decals:

You Also get a set of water nail decals with the Spookettes Collection, there are two of each design so ten in total, the bat spider web and spider are all black and the jack o lantern and trick or treat are white. They are pretty easy to apply, you peel off the see through sheet, cut out the decal you wish to use and place it in warm water for 10 seconds. Then you dampen the (fully dry) nail you wish to apply the decal to, peel off the decal (it slides off easily) and apply it to the nail. Once you've got it positioned where you want it you just dab it dry and apply top coat. I used tweezers to make it easier to apply the decals.

OPI Spookettes set consists of 4 mini polishes, (1 is a glow in the dark colour) and a sheet of Halloween themed water nail decals. To see more swatches of all the colours from this range click here or the photo


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  2. I love that spider! This is an adorable design!! =)

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