Saturday 22 October 2011

Nails Inc. Magnetic Polish Swatches Part 2 Big Ben

Next up from Nails Inc's magnetic polish range is Big Ben (metallic gold):

Before Magnet swatches

The magnetic effect is a little more subtle on Big Ben than Trafalgar square, but it still looks amazing, like burnished gold! Here's a few more pics :)


  1. Ooh that's weirdly likeable, I saw they'd done a gold magnetic polish and was like how's THAT going to work but it does! Thanks for the swatches, I was so curious as to what it would look like and I love it! xx

  2. Lucky you! I can't believe you got your hands on the gold color.

  3. I like the fact the effect on this one is more subtle, Nails Inc still have the gold in stock on their site, but I think they might only deliver to UK :(

  4. Aw, that looks fab. I think I must have bought a dodgy bottle - I got one today and was so excited, but there is no effect at all from the magnet. Also my polish is all gritty and gloopy. I am so disappointed. Did your pattern appear easily?