Wednesday 27 October 2010

OPI Go Goth Mini Set Halloween 2010 with NOTD & (faux) KOTD

There’s something a little strange about this particular mini set, over in the US it is called OPI Go Goth Minis for Halloween 2010, but over here in the UK, it is called Couture Colour. There is also no free lace cuff bracelet with the set in the UK, but the colours in both sets are identical. Strange... perhaps they can justify charging more for this set in the UK by giving it a name like "couture colour"? Anyway I absolutely love these colours and here are swatches of the four minis on my colour wheel: 

1. Mini OPI Nail Lacquer in Obscurity - matte black polish, looks like charcoal to me, can be made shiny with top coat
2. Mini OPI Nail Lacquer in Unripened - (this one is also available in big size) A shiny black polish with stunning green/teal glittery undertones 
3. Mini OPI Nail Lacquer in Nevermore - blue/purple shimmery polish, like OPI Ink
4. Mini OPI Nail Lacquer in Sanguine - blood red maroon colour, absolutely stunning looks black around the edges. 

The following photograph, although blurry, does show the true colour of Nevermore, its purple undertones usually come out quite blue in photos, but this is the real colour you will get on the nails:

First NOTD - OPI - Sanguine (3 coats) with Inglot glitter flakies (202) on top (base coat OPI Nail Envy, Top Coat Seche Vite)

no flash
with flash
Recently discovered the flakies, initially I was on the search for GOSH - Rainbow, but unfortunately none of the superdrugs I went to had the polish in stock :(, however luckily Inglot in Westfield (London) had a beautiful range of flakies, I went with no. 202, as it was the most similar to Rainbow, and I'm not disappointed :D its stunning, and looks different over every colour, especially liked it on sanguine, brought out so many different hues and shimmers, this top coat reminds me a little of the effect you get from crackle polishes, except I think I prefer it :D so many pretty colours :D

here is how the Inglot 202 flakies top coat looks on white (OPI Alpine Snow)

Here is 3 coats of OPI Unripened:

KOTD - OPI Unripened with Art Deco plate A83 and A2(these are duplicates of Konad plate M50 and M3) the Art Deco plates are a bit cheaper than the konad ones, but since I now have the Konad plates, I can definitely see a difference in quality, although the images are the same, the Art Deco plates lack the detail of the konad ones, and are slightly thicker, but they work fine with all the Konad special polishes, I was not too impressed with Art Deco's special polishes (tried them in store), the white just wasn't as opaque, but still they are definitely a good range for people in the UK, who want a cheaper alternative to Konad, 

OPI Chip Skip
OPI Unripened 3 coats
Top Coat: Seche Vite (ensures the nails are completely dry for Konading)
Konad Special Polish in White and art deco plates A83 and A2 (see above for the Konad equivalents)
Top Coat: Seche Vite (about 5 mins after konading, and in three strokes not overlapping)

More Halloween nail goodies to follow :)

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