Tuesday 19 October 2010

First NOTD and KOTD - a couple of French Manicures

First NOTD is a standard french manicure, 

OPI Chip Skip
Base coat: Nail Envy 1 coat
French Base: OPI Soft Shades Passion 1 coat
Tips: OPI Alpine Snow (freehand, I need to work on this :) ) 1 coat
Top Coat: OPI Princesses Rule 1 coat
Top Coat: OPI Rapid Dry 

Felt the need to jazz it up a bit so I added an Elegant Touch: White Petals Nail Art sticker on the ring finger:

zoomed in

applied one more coat of OPI Rapid Dry on top

Really like the elegant touch decals, they are very easy to apply (literally just used the tip of my nail to pick the sticker up), and although the edges are quite apparent in the photo its really not very noticeable in real life :)
To remove the decal I just pressed on the nail with a cotton pad soaked in remover until it came loose, no damage at all to the nail beneath, it's better to do that then to try peel it off, which could damage the nail.

My first Konad French Manicure kit had just arrived so the next French Mani was done using plate M62, bear in mind this was done after some excessive staining from a very old yellow Barry M polish which totally stained my poor nails :(

Base coat: Nail Envy 1 coat
French Base: OPI Kyoto Pearl 4 coats (takes quite a few coats to get this one opaque)
Tips: Konad Special Stamping Polish in White and plate M62
Top Coat: OPI Rapid Dry

both manis went for about 4/5 days with very minimal tip wear :)

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