Friday 22 October 2010

NOTD & KOTD holographic goodies from GOSH and OPI Designer Series

I recently discovered holographic polishes, and they are absolutely gorgeous, photos really do not seem to do them justice :) however some are definitely more holo than others so here is a comparison of some of the holos in my collection. 

NOTD - GOSH - Holographic

OPI Chip Skip
Base Coat: Make up Store Aqua base coat (very good for holo shades) 1 coat
Gosh Holographic 1 coat
Top Coat: Seche Vite (this dulls the holo effect, however if you put another coat of the holo on top the effect returns and layering with Seche Vite really helps the mani last, as without this it only lasts 1 day max, and with the layering of seche vite i had this on at least 3 days with no chipping :) )
Gosh Holographic 2 coats

with flash
extreme close up holo goodness
Gosh Holographic is definitely one of the most holographic polishes in my collection, but it is definitely not the easiest to apply, the aqua base coat from Make Up Store definitely helps it go on smoother, and layering a coat of seche vite between coats of the polish definitely helps its durability, just make sure you finish with 1-2 coats of the holo colour, as leaving seche vite on top definitely dulls the holo :( but since this polish is very quick drying it really helps to layer up with top coat!

KOTD - OPI Designer series Original

OPI Chip Skip
Base Coat: OPI Nail Envy
OPI Designer Series Original 3 coats
Top Coat: Seche Vite (ensures the nails are completely dry for Konading) also good to note that top coat does not take away the effect of holo from any of the OPI Designer series :)
Konad Special Polish in Black Pearl and Konad Plate M63 
Top Coat: Seche Vite (about 5 mins after konading, and in three strokes not overlapping)

with flash
apologies for the roughness of this mani, I foolishly took the photograph before cleaning up the edges, oops, will try remember not to do that again :D

This polish is definitely my fave from the OPI Designer Polishes that I own, it is the most holographic by far, and although not quite as holo as GOSH or Make Up Store (See below for a swatch of that one) it is definitely the easiest to apply, goes on like a dream, dries pretty quick, and best of all responds brilliantly to top coat. Top coat does not dull the effect at all, if anything it makes it even shinier :D 

Here are some swatches from my holo collection:

Left to Right
Make Up Store: Siw Hologram (with Make Up Store: aqua base coat)
GOSH cosmetics: Holographic (with Make Up Store: aqua base coat)
OPI Designer Series: Coronation
OPI Designer Series: Classic
OPI Designer Series: Original
OPI Designer Series: Reflection
OPI Designer Series: Extravagance
OPI Night Brights: My Private Jet (unfortunately mine is not the super holo version of this polish, but it is still gorgeous)

The make up store and Gosh holos are definitely the most holographic in the bunch (though it is worth noting that the GOSH holographic is substantially cheaper), they are both harder to apply and do not respond well to top coat, but they do look absolutely stunning. And the good news about the Make Up Store Collection (I just have the blue at the moment, they also have a gold holo, standard silvery holo, and a purple/pink one) is that none of them are limited edition, the sales lady assured me they aren't going anywhere :D which is awesome, as I was never able to get my hands on any China Glaze OMG polishes and the Nfu. Oh ones are quite hard to find also. For peeps in London, The Make Up Store can be found upstairs in Westfield Shopping centre, I believe they also have a store in Central London :).

The OPI Designer series is definitely the easiest to apply with Original being the most holographic of the ones I own, Reflection is probably the least holo, but it is a beautiful red :) Classic and Original are a little more holo then they look in the photo, but the effect is definitely more a scattered holo than Original.

The rest of my holo collection will hopefully be popping up in more NOTDs and KOTDs in the not too distant future, I still have a few other polish swatches to post and I am about to get started on some halloween manis shortly :D

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