Friday 14 December 2012

Ciate Advent Calendar Door No.12 Twilight

Onto Door No. 12


Twilight is a gorgeous Black Gold polish absolutely packed with gorgeous shimmer, the second I saw the bottle I instantly thought of Tease-y Does It from OPI's Burlesque Collection, I remember being a little disappointed with the finish once I'd applied Tease-y does it, it seemed to loose some of the gorgeous shimmer apparent in the bottle. It's the complete opposite with Twilight, the shimmer on application is out of this world, this is definitely one of the best shades yet! This was 2 coats fully opaque and a joy to apply


  1. Wow, this is the best of the collection so far!

  2. Love how it shimmers! Very pretty and worth having nail polish:)

  3. Pretty! I'm a new follower, would love if you would please follow me back on my blog aswell:

  4. You can really notice the gold shimmer in twilight. I love it, it is fantastic. It looks really solid in your photo, so hopefully it sustains the shimmer for a very long time before a reapplication is needed. Thank you for the tip. This is really a very glamorous look.

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