Wednesday 17 July 2013

My Wedding Manicure - French manicure with Seche and Nail Art

This is perhaps the longest I've ever been away form blogging :( many many apologies for my lack of updates but its been a little crazy this year, I got married in March :), so most of my year has been spent organising the wedding and honeymoon, and I'm just about returning to some semblance of normality :) I've had a bit of time off this week, so thought it was a good time to try and start up this blog again :D And what better way to begin than with my wedding manicure :D

I was too caught up in wedding mania to take a photograph of my manicure (oops), but thankfully, my wonderful photographer snapped a few shots :D here are a few close up crops (all photos by

I used Seche's French Manicure kit, and some stickers I bought in Sally's, the stickers were called Instant Nail Art by Nailtopia (Nagelkunst), I've used this brand before on a halloween manicure aeons ago, here's a link. The stickers have a lovely texture and really made the french manicure look a lot more special, here is the kit I used:

French Tips - Using Seche Porcelain I drew the white tips free hand (doing the tips before base coat, means you can clean up any errors and really get them perfect)
Base - 1 coat of Seche Clear
Polish - 1 coat of Seche Rose
Top Coat - 1 coat of Seche Vite
10 mins to dry
I then applied the nail stickers using a hoof stick. On a previous manicure I made the error of applying top coat after the stickers, this looks fine on day 1, but by 2 there was bubbling all around the sticker, so it's best to apply the stickers after, they still lasted a good 4-5 days.

you can read more about the Seche Vite French Manicure Kit here

In other news, I've just tried my first ever "at home" gel manicure :D I'm so excited with the results, but I'm only on day 2, so once I see how this wears expect a full review up with more details :D

Those of you awaiting the rest of Ciate's advent calendar, I will do my best to get back on those swatches asap, if I can tear myself away from gels for a minute :D it's good to be back :D


  1. hiii! you might not remember me, but i used to be "KarzU" or something like that (karzu idk) and i commented quite often but that was in 2010 and 2011 so a long time ago.. but yeah my whole acc got deleted and i made a new one some time not sure if i commented here after that bc after my acc got deleted i stopped blogging completely (even reading blogs) for about a year? so um yeah but i'm back here again! i'm so glad i found your blog again because i LOVE IT! and obviously i followed too :D but yeah just in case you were wondering (idek :D) yeah..congratulations on being married though! x

  2. Hi Karzu, so great to hear from you :) many thanks, how have you been????? as u can see I've been really struggling to keep this blog up to date, apologies for the serious lack of new posts, I've had a seriously busy year, I'm hoping to get some new stuff up soon :D thanks again hon X