Tuesday 2 November 2010

Product Review Calieo Invisible Nail Bandages for split nails

Calieo Invisible Nail Bandages: Repairs Split Nails Instantly - No Glue - Stays for Days

A few weeks ago I snagged my middle finger nail on a very infuriating drawer in my kitchen that is always an ordeal to open, a few days later I noticed a tiny crack on the side of my finger nail, I was devastated :( and thought this meant I would have to cut down all my nails immensely. However I initially used some nail glue to seal the crack and applied my polish as usual, this did work for a day or so, but eventually the crack remerged and I could see the nail splitting.

Recently when I visited Sally’s I found this product:
Calieo Invisible Nail Bandages for just under £4.00, so I thought it was worth a go.
Here is what you get in the pack

 30 bandage stickers in 3 different sizes (you get 10 of each)
A mini file/nail buffer
A mini hoof stick for easy application.

Here is how I applied them:

  • Firstly remove all polish and glue remnants
  • Peel bangage off using hoof stick on edge
  • Place the bandage so it completely covers the area of the nail that has split/cracked
  • You can use the buffer to file off the excess bandage, but I literally cut off the overlapping bit of the bandage, and did not buff as I did not want to make the nail weaker (since I had health probs which left me with very thin nails I try very hard not to buff my nails)
  • Apply nail polish as usual

Here is how it looks close up on my nail, I’ll admit it is visible (probably because I missed out on the buffing step) but in all honesty you really have to look closely to see it, and I’d much rather have that then a very very short nail!!

This is my first try with these bandages and it has been 3 days since I applied it and so far so good, the product says it should last 7-10 days and is also waterproof, although I really think putting nail polish on top helps it stay secure.

Will update this post when I need to change the bandage to see how it has faired :D

So all in all I am very fond of this product so far, it has saved my nail. :D


After some konading and another layer of Seche Vite, the bandage is even less visible :) so I guess two coats of Seche Vite would definitely help disguise the bandage :D


On day 6 I decided to change my mani, the bandage came off very easily with a bit of remover, and I have put on a new one :D so far I'm very happy with these bandages :D just as easy to apply the second time, and probably would have lasted longer if I hadn't wanted to change my mani.


onto bandage number 3 (have put a new one each time I removed polish, and so far I'm ecstatic, before finding these bandages I would have definitely lost my nail :D



Nearly a month, and thats a month I would have had to endure with tiny nails if it hadnt been for these awesome things, went to Sallys to stock up but unforunately there were none left :( I can see why, they are amazing, but there should be more in stock by the end of the week, still in the mean time I purchased some Silk wraps, as I hadn't tried that method yet, review to follow on that :D

Update 21/12/10
Have just posted my review of silk nail wraps here, and they are awesome!!
So my final verdict on the nail bandages is
although these are very cheap the fact that you have to reapply a new bandage each time you do your manicure, makes them a little less cost effective for me, but they are extremely easy to apply and a great way to save split nails if you need a quick fix, definitely one for the handbag :D


  1. Thanks for this. I currently use the Orly kit but am always looking for something "better". I'll check this out. :)

  2. I usually use nail glue and bits of teabag to repair my nails and that works pretty well. But this looks like an interesting alternative. And it is affordable, too. Definitely a plus. :D

    I'll be keeping an eye out to see how it holds up for you.

  3. glad it was of use :D
    I've not tried the Orly kit, only really tried nail glue before but it never seemed to work too well :(
    on day 4 now :) posted a piccy :D so far so good, I'm intrigued to see how easy it will be to remove :D will update when I get there :D


  4. I have one nail that splits right down the middle and would like to know if anyone knows of something I might be able to use to stop this.
    I hate having to file that nail so short.

  5. Try the Lady Soma Skin and Nail Cream - it has really helped my cracked nails and flaky cuticles. After 1 week I noticed a big difference - My daughter uses the creme on the cuticles of her feet and is amazed how well its worked on her cuticles.