Sunday 21 August 2011

Essie Braziliant Collection 2011 - Smooth Sailing

Smooth Sailing is the only polish I've picked up so far from Essie's Braziliant Collection for Summer 2011.
And I absolutely love it! Here are some pics :D

Smooth Sailing is a Dusky Lavender Blue polish packed with gorgeous pale blue and silver micro shimmer. The shimmer is very subtle, but gives the colour a gorgeous pool like depth. Formula was awesome, I'm absolutely loving Essie's formula this year, it is complete perfection. Opaque at 2 coats and as hard wearing as ever (Essie is the only brand I've been able to wear for a week with no chipage). 



  1. That looks lovely on you. :)

    Every time I see this polish featured in a blog, I want it more and more.

  2. Looks wonderful on you. I really feel like this is the big star of the summer collection polishes this year. I haven't seen a person say one bad thing about it. It's a really great polish.

  3. Looks great! I love this polish :)

  4. thanks peeps :) I really love this shade, its definitely one of my faves from this summer's lot, I just cant decide if I should try some more from the Braziliant collection, ahh decisions :)