Tuesday 30 August 2011

Clarins 230 with BeYu Crackling Top Coat 202

I was wearing this mani for nearly a week, and as it hadn't chipped I thought I'd test out a black crackle polish from BeYu (a present from my awesome nail enthusiast auntie). 

so this mani is quite the sandwich here are the layers :)
Base Coat: Nail Envy
Essie Smooth Sailing 2 coats
Clarins 230 1 coat
BeYu Crackling Top Coat 202 1 coat applied in three thick non overlapping strokes

BeYu Crackling Top Coat is a little thinner than the Barry M crackle and OPI Shatter polishes, which actually makes it very easy to apply, I actually think its the best crackle I've tried so far, its pretty hard to get application wrong with this one! I love how the crackle looks over Clarins 230, even though I only added it on the day I was actually considering changing my mani :) Clarins 230 is just too special on its own!!! :) Anyway onto more photos!

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  1. Wow! in the last 2 shots you really see what 230 does to this...I am like most - major lemming for that shade and jealous of anyone who actually has it! I would keep mine in a vault and never want to use it - nice to see someone actually use it! Thanks!